Advance BGP

Advance BGP

The continuing proliferation of traffic across today’s networks demands the deployment of an efficient and robust means of data transmission. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) addresses this need. BGP is increasingly deployed across many commercial networks to facilitate routing and information exchange. This in depth and up-to-date training course will give you a thorough grounding in this complex routing protocol. Following the completion of this course you will be able to install, configure and maintain BGP with confidence thus ensuring the effective exchange of data across reliable and robust networks.

This course will be of value to all professionals who are responsible for configuring, administering and troubleshooting a BGP network. It will also provide the advanced skills necessary for the future implementation of BGP or the migration to BGP across an autonomous system.

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Course Content-BGP

Prerequisites: Knowledge of CCNP Route

Course Outline: 
Routing Basics:
Routing Principles and Basics of Routing
Recursion to Next Hop IP Address
Path Selection and AD Value
Interior and Exterior Gateway Protocols
InterDomain Routing Basics
Segregating the World into Autonomous Systems

Basics of Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 
How BGP Works
When to Use BGP
EBGP and IBGP Sessions
BGP Capabilities Negotiation
Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP

BGP Session Establishment:
BGP Neighbor Discovery and Establishing a BGP Session
TCP 3way Handshake and Active –Passive Mode
BGP Keepalives and MD5 authentication
Peering with LoopBack Address and Update- Source
EBGP-Multihopvs TTL-Security

Configuring Basic BGP :
Configuring BGP Routing Process and Neighbors
Announcing Networks in BGP
Configuring BGP Timers
Synchronization Rule and Redistribution
BGP Peering with GRE Tunnel Interface
Next Hop reachability Problem
Monitoring and Troubleshooting BGP Peering

IBGP and EBGP Interaction in a Transit AS:
AS-Path Processing in IBGP and IBGP Split Horizon
IBGP Full Mesh and Next Hop Processing
Rule of Synchronization and Routing BlackHole

Introduction to Route Reflectors:
IBGP Scalability Issues in a Transit AS
Route Reflector Split Horizon Rules
Redundant Route Reflectors and Cluste-ID
Network Design with Route Reflectors
Configuring and Monitoring Route Reflectors

Introduction to Confederations:
Splitting a Transit AS with BGP Confederations
AS Path Propagation within the BGP confederation
AS Path Processing in BGP confederations
Configuring and Monitoring Confederations

BGP Path Selection and Path Attributes:

BGP Best Path Selection Process
Understanding BGP Path Attributes
Well Known and Optional Attributes

Route Map and AS-Path Access-list:
AS-Path Regular Expressions
Creating and editing Route-maps
Applying Route-map as InBound and Outbound

Route Selection Using Attributes:
Weight and Local Preference
Configuring Default Local Preference
Configuring Local Preference with Route-maps
AS-Path Prepending and Ignoring AS-Path
BGP Multi-Exit Discriminator ( MED )
Advance MED Configurations
BGP Communities Overview
Configuring Route Tagging with BGP Communities
Defining BGP Community-List
BGP BackDoor and Distance
Conditional Advertisement

Implementing Changes in BGP Policy: 
Traditional Filtering Limitations
BGP Soft Reconfiguration Inbound
Route Refresh

Route Filtering in BGP :
Route Filtering with Standard and Extended Access-lists
AS-Path Filters and Regular Expressions
Route Filtering with IP Prefix Lists
Outbound Route Filtering ( ORF )
Route-Maps as BGP Filters

Monitoring , Optimizing and Troubleshooting:
BGP Convergence and BGP Processess
CPU Effects of BGP processes
Path MTU Discovery
BGP Scan Time and Advertisement Interval
Increasing Input Queue Depth
Limiting the Number of Prefixes received from a Neighbor
BGP Peer Group
BGP Route Dampening



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