Mobile Application Security

Mobile Application Security

Mobile app application security is the degree of assurance that cell phone (applications) have from malware and the exercises of wafers and different hoodlums. The term can likewise allude to different advances and creation rehearses that limit the danger of endeavors to cell phones through their applications. Welcome to every one of you individuals in the Modern universe of hacking.Hacking through Smart telephones As Smart telephones are supplanting customary methods for getting to data through Laptops/Computers So the entire focal point of programmers has been moved to assaulting individuals on mobiles. Because of this pattern, Security of portable application has turned out to be outrageous concern. Mqube offers Mobile application and Penetration Testing Course that includes Penetration Testing of both Android and iOS based advanced cells.

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Mobile Application Security & Penetration Testing Training provide many facilities


Amid the Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing course you should manage a few guided labs and activities that will assist you with improving your versatile pentesting abilities.

These labs are Android and iOS applications that you need to test so as to apply the strategies clarified and achieve the last objective. Contingent upon the lab you will be given the application installer or the source code of the application.

Amid your tests you should: Install, run and test every application, Find security issues, Develop a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) misuse for each issue found.

Course at a glance

  • Start from iOS and Android architectures basics
  • Write your first Hello World for Android and iOS
  • Exposes Android and iOS vulnerabilities in-depth
  • Covers mobile OSs security mechanisms and implementations
  • Covers Mobile applications reverse engineering
  • In depth mobile applications static and dynamic analysis
  • Practice on real world mobile applications
  • Build your own home lab on mobile application security
  • Provides you the skills necessary to perform Penetration tests of mobile applications


  • Basic knowledge of programming fundamentals. Simple Java and Objective-C Hello world covered within the course.
  • MacOS (min X Maverick) and an iOS (version 6 recommended) device such as iPod, iPhone, iPad required for some of the iOS topics.
  • Basic security concepts such as : cryptography, reverse engineering, SQL injections and web tools such as Wireshark and OWASP ZAP (or Burp)

Software/Hardware requirements

Any web browser (for IE version 8+ is required) is supported. If you run Kali Linux/Backtrack as a virtual machine you will need at least 2GB of RAM. Minimum internet speed of 512 Kbit/s recommended for video streaming.For some of the iOS related exercises you will need an iOS device (6+) and a MacOS X Maverick. No physical devices are required for Android section.

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