Security Solution

Security Solution

The advances in innovation have gotten new difficulties structure security dangers and ruptures. Security has increased foremost significance to guarantee information protection, avert unapproved get to, give congruity and lessen down time.

MISTICAL MINDS offers complete layered methodology of resistance including:

  • Interchanges Security
  • Edge Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Center Network Security
  • Security Monitoring

Different ways to deal with security requirement are sent in numerous zones of system to guarantee no single purpose of security disappointment in the system. Endpoint security guarantees all the end clients interfacing with system are verified, free from worms and infection, running most recent adaptations of programming refreshed with most recent fixes and agree to the organization approaches. Firewall and Intrusion Detection and Prevention gadgets are utilized to shield the system from secure the system edge, extranets, and progressively defenseless interior systems.

All interchanges over the wired and remote framework, both for neighborhood and remote clients in scrambled to avoid any listening stealthily or altering amid transmission. Center Network Security shields the server farm assets from inside just as outer dangers that have figured out how to pass the edge security

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Website Application Penetration Testing Vectors :

– Command Injection (SQL Injection, Code Injection)
– Cross site scripting (XSS)
– Checking for backdoors
– Input validation
– Session Hijacking
– Buffer overflows
– Trust boundary violation
– Unhandled array declaration
– Unchecked return values

MQube Solutions has designed Special Techniques for all sized companies that rely on their websites for their business. From blogs and other content driven sites to e-commerce websites, We scan your site for malware injections, website vulnerabilities, and other threats to your online business. All scanning packages include basic website firewall protection and acceleration as well as 24/7 based support.

Various Services we provide in Web Application Security :

Malware scanning checks your website each day for risks, and validates them to ensure they are real threats. This early warning system helps you steer clear of search engine blacklisting, saving your business’s reputation and SEO positions.

Network Scanning checks the thousands of ports on your server to make sure only the appropriate ones are open for your server type

FTP scanning detects website issues from the inside-out, as well as from the outside-in, to go beyond surface scans, identifying any modifications or defacements made on your website, along with any malicious or suspicious files.

Protect your website from landing on search engine and email blacklists with monitoring and reputation management. Make sure your communications reach your customers, not their spam filters or anti-virus software.

Protect your website from SQL injection. SQL injection gives hackers access to your website and customer database. MQube Solutions probes your website just like a hacker would to find weak spots.

Protect your website from bots and OWASP vulnerabilities. All of our Firewall products come with basic acceleration to speed up your site and can even enable PCI compliance if you choose the enterprise level.

Website Security Experts and engineers is ready to help you with your website security needs. If your website has already been hacked or blacklisted, you came to the right place.

Outdated or vulnerable applications are the most popular way for criminals to gain access to your website and data. Scanning checks all of your programs to verify that they are up-to-date and free of vulnerabilities.

Deep website scans tell you when any file on your website changes, giving you full visibility to all of the activities on you site.

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